Rootes Meeting Zeeuws

Dear Members,

It’s finally here! We can and will meet again! That is why Patrick and Marlies Zeeuws are organizing a Rootes Meeting with departure from their home. There we are offered a breakfast snack in the garden, after which we leave for a tour to the Craywinckelhof in Lubbeek.

Please all register! (all info in the attachment below – open the entire message by clicking the tittle)


Dear Rootes-Friends

Due to the Corona situation we are obviously restricted to our homes and close environments. Therefor we cannot organise any meetings. In conjunction every event on our diary is cancelled up until the end of June. If we are allowed to plan new events, meetings, .. we will send you invitations as soon as possible.

The Club Committee.

(Nederlands) Algemene vergadering 14/02 AFGELAST

Dear Friends,

Our general meeting for the 14th of February will be cancelled due to Brasserie-B being declared bankrupt.

We have found an alternative, Brasserie Jo, pullaar, 222, 2870 Puurs, only a few miles away from our previous location.

If all goes to plan we should be able to arrange the meeting on friday 21th of February.

We will send out all details A.S.A.P.