William Hillman started his business around 1870; it was specialized in engines for cycles. (The Hillman Herbert Cycle cy) In 1907 he started a venture with Louis Coatalen (French designer) and founded the “Hillman-Coatalen Motor Car Cy” wich created the Hillman-Coatalen car.

Shortly hereafter they decided to split again. Coatalen started making cars under his own brand: SUNBEAM! Hillman focused from now on at the small to medium class cars. The most popular he ever created became the “Minx”; this car was presented at the Olympia motor show in 1931.

The badge above, was for the first time used on the Hillman Minx of 1934. It symbolizes the three most famous spires of the Coventry churches: St Michaels, The Grey Friars Church and the Holy Trinity Church. Hence the often used name of this town: town of the three spires! The winged emblem was first seen on a car in 1928.