George Singer started in Coventry a bicycle factory in 1876. There was no bound to the Singer Sewing Machine Cy whatsoever ! In 1901 they started making motorbikes; with the particularity of an engine fixed in the rear wheel! Thereafter they built three-wheelers with an engine in the frontwheel! Later they produced more orthodox vehicles.

In 1903 the “Singer Motor Cy” was created to built real cars; they took over the first Lea-Francis design. Years later the company was known for its “economy-cars”. The first of these was the “Ten” introduced in 1912. Their most famous Cars became the “Singer Junior” in the twenties and the “Le Mans Sportscars” in the thirties. In 1956 the Rootes concern bought the company, which at that time was almost bankrupt.

After a year or so the last Singer engine was gone, to be replaced by a Rootes engine!