The Sunbeam-Talbot name is a compound of two companies: Sunbeam, the brand which existed till the eighties, was originally a bicycle factory which started making cars in 1901. It was top-quality, very well engineered as a saloon; but they also built a sports-car that won among others in 1923 the French “grand Prix”.

Talbot, used to be called the “Clement-Talbot” factory importing the French Clement cars into the UK. Their financial support came from the Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot, hence their name. In the beginning their products were similar; in 1926 however Talbot started building a whole range very progressive cars, under the impulse of the Swiss engineer George Roesch. Clement Talbot was taken over by Darracq-cars in 1919; one year later they bought also Sunbeam.

In 1935 the Rootes-brothers bought the Clement-Talbot division of the Sunbeam Motor Cy. From 1938 on their cars were called SUNBEAM-TALBOT. Thereafter, progressively, they dropped the Talbot name; keeping the “ Sunbeam ”-emblem only on the motorcars.

The emblem hereby mentions the word “Supreme”, after a type made in the fifties and the coat of arms of the Shrewsbury and Talbot family, on which appears a “hound” – a sort of dog used to chase the game at hunting sport, having long ears , very powerful teeth and an extraordinary trackers instinct.

The Talbot name was unearthed shortly in the eighties to be used on some Chrysler cars, without success.