Here below you can find some usefull document concerning our club. For the moment some documents are only available in Dutch and French. We are working on that! If you want to become a member or order something, please feel free to download the right document.

Fill it in and send it back to us at:

Rootes Club of Belgium
Dennenlaan 80
B-2610 Wilrijk

Other documents are on demand and will be placed on our site if usefull to others.


Here you can find a document to become member of our club. Welcome to the family! Please fill in the document and send it back to us, also make a deposid to our belgian bank account BE72 3200 5608 0016. Don’t forget to mention you Full name!

Membership Form EN 2019
Membership Form EN 2019
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Order form

With the order form you can order some rootes club goodies like:

– 25 years Venezia 1963-1988 (book)
– Clubhat, polo, sweater, T-shirt,…
– Poster Sunbeam 1901-2001 / Tiger
– Keychains
– British mugs
– Stickers
– … All at very democratic prices!

Again, you need to send the order to us. You can pay with cash money or deposit the amount to our belgian bank account BE72 3200 5608 0016.

For shipment outside Belgium, costs will be added.

Order form
Order form
Version: 16 Januari 2020
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